Black head removal

Black head removal

This black head removal mask came out in my News Feed on Facebook. There was a post clip that kept my attention. A video posted by Crystal Secret beauty company. This face product, the black head removal mask is their product. The link bellow is from Crystal Secret official shop page. You can open the link if you share my skin issues.

Black head removal

Photo description 

In order to give you a clear picture of this product, I attached this photo. You see, it is shown before and after images of the customer. There are three most common skin types: normal, oily and combination skin. It is well known that oily and combination skin are very problematic to keep it clean.

T zone is the part of our face which includes nose, forehead and chin. And the most affected with blackheads and whiteheads is the nose. I think there is no individual who did not have acne in his lifetime.

In this photo above, it is shown what this mask can do. Also, you can notice that on the piece of the peeling part.

Clear skin for everyone 

Generally speaking, if you get rid of your blackheads you can not have acne or pimples. Clogged pores are filled with dirt, which practically are the blackheads. If not treated or removed they can become pimples. Pimples can be very painful, and after they are leaving scars and dark spots on your skin.

Given these points we all “hunger” for flawless skin and body. Blackheads elimination only can be done by using a peeling mask. But, not every peeling mask on the cosmetic market can do this. Believe me when I say, this black head removal mask is simply magical. No matter what is your skin type, skin tone, or skin color.

3 simple steps  

First of all, gently cleanse your skin. And then, apply the black head removal mask to the problematic area.

Also, this black head removal mask is known as Black Mask. The name comes from the charcoal ingredient which is totally black. Furthermore, if you are interested about the ingredients list you can find them on their Instagram.

Second step, wait for 25-30 minutes for the mask to dry and become elastic.

Third, and the last part is removing the mask. Gently take off the Black Mask, starting from the sides of your face.

Peoples results

This one is definitely my favorite review:

“I purchased it but went in knowing it may not work. But I was surprised how great it is. I had a lot of gunk in my face! The picture of the peel is gross but it took everything out of my problem area! I’ll purchase again soon.”

After reading all this positive comments, similar to this one, I made my order. Together with my cousin Laura, we had a very fun facial night. It was something unforgettable, and we will repeat it again.

Finally, my skin is clean, the blackheads are gone. And their is nothing I could be ashamed of.

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