Black head removal

Black head removal

This black head removal mask came out in my News Feed on Facebook. There was a post clip that kept my attention. A video posted by Crystal Secret beauty company. This face product, the black head removal mask is their product. The link bellow is from Crystal Secret official shop page. You can open the link if you share my skin issues.

Black head removal

Photo description 

In order to give you a clear picture of this product, I attached this photo. You see, it is shown before and after images of the customer. There are three most common skin types: normal, oily and combination skin. It is well known that oily and combination skin are very problematic to keep it clean.

T zone is the part of our face which includes nose, forehead and chin. And the most affected with blackheads and whiteheads is the nose. I think there is no individual who did not have acne in his lifetime.

In this photo above, it is shown what this mask can do. Also, you can notice that on the piece of the peeling part.

Clear skin for everyone 

Generally speaking, if you get rid of your blackheads you can not have acne or pimples. Clogged pores are filled with dirt, which practically are the blackheads. If not treated or removed they can become pimples. Pimples can be very painful, and after they are leaving scars and dark spots on your skin.

Given these points we all “hunger” for flawless skin and body. Blackheads elimination only can be done by using a peeling mask. But, not every peeling mask on the cosmetic market can do this. Believe me when I say, this black head removal mask is simply magical. No matter what is your skin type, skin tone, or skin color.

3 simple steps  

First of all, gently cleanse your skin. And then, apply the black head removal mask to the problematic area.

Also, this black head removal mask is known as Black Mask. The name comes from the charcoal ingredient which is totally black. Furthermore, if you are interested about the ingredients list you can find them on their Instagram.

Second step, wait for 25-30 minutes for the mask to dry and become elastic.

Third, and the last part is removing the mask. Gently take off the Black Mask, starting from the sides of your face.

Peoples results

This one is definitely my favorite review:

“I purchased it but went in knowing it may not work. But I was surprised how great it is. I had a lot of gunk in my face! The picture of the peel is gross but it took everything out of my problem area! I’ll purchase again soon.”

After reading all this positive comments, similar to this one, I made my order. Together with my cousin Laura, we had a very fun facial night. It was something unforgettable, and we will repeat it again.

Finally, my skin is clean, the blackheads are gone. And their is nothing I could be ashamed of.

Blackhead removal

Blackhead removal

Guys, check out this blackhead removal facial mask. Great opportunity to achieve a healthy, beautiful and glowing face. Blackhead removal mask from Crystal Beauty Secret company . Purifying peel-off blackhead removal mask for removing your blackheads. You can easily find this cosmetic product online. And here is the link where you can place your order:

Blackhead removal

Skin care for everyone

Not only your body needs the right nutrients, but you must take care of your skin as well. Lifestyle we are living, stress and processed food, affects on our skin and body. Using the right quality cosmetic products can help you maintain this.

After all, we all yearn for a flawless skin and good look. When I bought this blackhead removal mask I was sure it will improve my skin. No matter how much money it would cost me, reading those positive reviews made me wanna have it.


Even so this brand is not so much highlighted, reading the customer comments got my interest. My best friend tagged me on this Black Mask post, because she knew I would love it. Peeling mask always got my attention. I simply love taking care of my skin and using facials masks.

This is one of the posts which made me place an order immediately.

 Review: “Came on time, for two days. NOT Painful at all, works great and I am very satisfied. My skin felt softer, looked smoother and cleaner. Also, I used it with my sister and she had an amazing results as well. Definitely a MUST HAVE for any girl.”

Cruelty free mask

Generally speaking, peel-off masks can be a little painful for our skin. Especially if you have a lot of facial hair and peach fuzz on your face. But, this one, was something amazing. Maybe it is because of its formula. When I read all the ingredients I was impatient trying it.

Blackhead removal mask from this brand contains menthol and Chinese herbal extract. Both of this mentioned, are the best combination for our skin. My face felt so fresh from the moment I applied the mask.

My way of using it  

Not so long ago I was reading about the face steaming benefits. And using the right herbs can open the clogged pores and refresh your look. I bought wild rose tea and chamomile and prepare the steamer for the treatment.

The tea extract in a combination with boiled water is the perfect method before applying any kind of mask. It will take you only 15 minutes for all preparations. After the face is clean, you can put on the blackhead removal mask.

The instructions written on the bottle says to leave the mask minimum 20 minutes. But that depends on the layer you will apply. So, I left my Black Mask on for 35 minutes and then started peeling it. The peeling must be done slowly, from outer edge to center of your face.

In the end, the results were amazing and my face looked stunning. I can swear all the blackheads were gone. I did not even need to put a makeup on.

Blackhead removal mask

Blackhead removal mask

Crystal Beauty Secret blackhead removal mask is definitely worth buying. Although there are a thousand different cosmetic products these days, this one is a special one. Considering the fact that beauty is most important. Get your blackhead removal mask as soon as possible.

Regarding to, this product is not available in other stores. Blackhead removal mask can be only bought online. Additionally, I am sharing the link from their Facebook page: .

Blackhead removal mask

Crystal Secret brand is new on the US market. They are located in Idaho and started their company recently. Furthermore, blackhead removal mask is their “first born child”.

The most worth product that made boom around the globe. Successfully overshadowing the others masks from popular cosmetic brands.

The holy trinity

Make up, hair style and a glowing skin are the holy trinity for every female individual. But, I think the last one from above is the most important. You can not have а highlighted appearance without a healthy skin look.

A clear and soft skin is something we all dream of. And that is something you need work on every day. Covering the face with a tons of make up can only suppress your skin. Pores can get clogged with oil and foundation residues. Altogether hаs a bad impact on our skin. Clogged pores left untreated leads to forming acne and blackheads.

A special gift for me

Eager for a perfect skin, I went to a spa center near my neighborhood. A friend of mine recommended to me because she was very satisfied after the treatments. That one hour was very interesting for me and I was having so much fun. Sauna, aromatic massage and a chill out music in the background was absolutely relaxing.

But the most of it that got my attention was the blackhead removal mask. As the final treatment of the package therapy you have a facial mask. This is the day I discovered this amazing product. The Black Mask smell so good, it was so refreshing to my skin.

I was laying and a woman approached me. She put the mask on my face and told me to close my eyes and relax. I was laying with the mask on for 20 minutes. While the mask was drying I felt tightening. Must admit I was a little bit scared how this is going to work for me in the end.

I have heard that this peeling mask can be very painful removing it. But, luckily for me, this one was 100 percent painless. Believe it or not, the feeling was amazing and it was absolutely pain free. When I stand up and looked myself in the mirror I was amazed.

My skin was so smooth and radiant, can not resist touching my face. I asked nicely to show me the product.

The girl gave me the blackhead removal mask and smiled. “We are very glad you liked it” she said to me. “Today is your lucky day because we have a giveaway for our special customers.”

And that is how I found this blackhead removal mask. Google it after and share it with all my friends. Happy end.




Black mask

Black mask

Hi guys, do you know how to get rid of those nasty blackheads fast and easy?

On that subject, this article is dedicated to one fantastic facial product, black mask .  Black mask with a peeling effect which will eliminate all of your skin problems. In fact, you will fall in love with this amazing black mask .

Black mask


Every day I hear a lots of complains from people how there not satisfied with their skin. In the first place, having blackheads can be really frustrating. On the other hand, oily and combination skin are hard to be maintained clean through the day.

So, the main reason I decided to write this is because I have experienced the same and I understand you completely. You see, the problem can not be fixed by using tons of make up. It does not matter how many foundation you are using. Unfortunately, in daylight every skin flaw is there, visible in the spotlight.

Therefore, why bother furthermore, why not try and fix the issue permanently? This Crystal Secret Black Mask gives you a long term skin solution with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantied. Just click on this link here and it will lead you to their official website shop: .


In addition I will guide you the best way of applying the black mask. First and the most important step is to make sure your face is clean, very clean. If you have any make up on, remove it gently and prepare your skin pores with a face steamer. In order to do that you can use any kind of a cooking pot you have at your home. Just boil some water and put inside the pot two or three chamomile tea bags.

The chamomile with not only clear your pores but also have many medical benefits on our skin. Many of the baby creams and moisturizers are made of chamomile extract. So, knowing this it will be a great practice to try it. Steaming your face will open your pores and prepare the skin skin for a successful treatment.

In short, boil the water, lean your head over and cover it with a towel or any kind of cloth. And stay in that position minimum ten minutes. In this way you will get the maximum effect from the hot water. Apply the black mask with bear fingers, carefully avoiding the eyes, eyebrows and lips area. Leave the black mask on for approximately thirtieth minutes. After it’s completely dried start peeling it off. The peeling must be done slowly, from the outer edge to center. You will notice all the gunk, dead skin and baby hairs bond and glued with the peeling piece.

Equally important as a final step, apply some toner for your skin type to tighten the pores. And that is all, easy as pie.

Timing is everything 

To summarize this article I must say that timing of the treatment is very important. My personal recommendation is to apply the black mask at night, before going to bed. Treat yourself with a nice sleep and wake up in the morning fresh and beautiful.